How to Stay Within Your Trade Show Budget


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Trade shows are an important aspect of marketing especially for new and small enterprises who want to be seen by a large population of potential customers and investors. Most companies prepare a certain budget for trade shows but it can be easy to go overboard with the budget and spend unnecessarily on things that will not translate to profit down the road. Here are some tips for staying within your trade show budget which may even help you save money along the way.

Rent instead of buying displays:

Exhibits and trade shows occur only a few times a year, so renting instead of owning an expensive display system is often the better choice. When you buy an exhibit, you also need to factor in the after-show costs such as the costs of storage and refurbishing expenses for the next exhibit. Another advantage is that you can also eliminate the expenses for staff and exhibit preparations if your rental company already offers these services for free.

Consider the Advantages of Lease and Lease to Own Options:

Leasing becomes a better option to buying your displays if you attend a significant number of trade shows during the year. You still avoid the costs of building an exhibit but you get the advantage of flexible leasing options such as flexible payment plans. This is perfect if you want your exhibits to have a great impact but do not want to spend too much on building your own showcases from scratch. Some renters also offer lease to own options, allowing you to enjoy flexible payment plans and the chance to take your exhibit home at the end of the contract.

Book early or book late:

Booking early or late can give you discounts on trade show spaces for up to 20% which can add up to a lot down the road. Even if trade show organizers do not sell in advance, you can ask if they do hand out last minute deals such as discounted booth prices to dispose of empty booths a few days before the trade show opens.

Attend related industry shows:

You are not limited to joining main trade shows and exhibitions. Related industry trade shows may be cheaper and expose you to an untapped market, little competition and a better chance of standing out from the crowd, the perfect setting if you are looking for new investors.

Go portable:

Going portable can help you save more in the long run because portable display units are easier to store and transport, allowing you to cut transportation and set-up expenses by half. Portable units are also less expensive, easier to put up and take down, lightweight so transportation is a breeze and come in a variety of styles for maximum trade show impact.


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